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teens standing around.JPGTeen Scene

The Windsor Police Service has created a program for teens.  This program is revamped and updated annually.  Currently, the community services unit and several police officers, volunteer their time and visit teens who are entering high school.  
The teen programs presented to the Grade 9 students outline four topics to raise awareness and public confidence:

  •  Theft
  •  Bullying
  •  New drug protocols
  •  Racial and Hate Issues 

The program can also be designed to address concerns brought to our attention through teachers and peer groups with the high school.  Many of the topics have centered around current issues with teens such as:

  •  Date Rape
  •  Physical and emotional abuse
  •  Early dating process

CyberBullying is one of the fastest growing issues for the Windsor Police Service. It effects every child and teen who are exposed to any type of modern-day technology from personal cel. phones, to having access to the World-Wide Web.
Unfortunately, more than 75% of all youths who are a victim of cyberbullying will not report it to an adult and they are left to suffer and deal with this on their own. 
The Ministry of Children and Youth Services' website home_en.jpg

is a bilingual site that is as a one-stop source to useful information and government services for all youth. also supports the Ontario government’s Youth Opportunities Strategy, which offers services for youth in underserved neighbourhoods including summer jobs, youth in policing jobs and outreach worker programs.