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Collision Reporting Centre
Motor Vehicle Collisions ​​​​​​
Every person in charge of a vehicle in the case of a collision must provide, when requested to do so, their name, address, driver's licence number, name of insurance company and policy number, registered owner of the ​​vehicle, and vehicle permit number. Collisions can be reported at the Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) so long as the accident occurred with the City of Windsor or Town ​of Amherstburg limits and both vehicles are from the Essex County area.


Collision Reporting Centre Criteria

Collisions may be reported at the CRC so long as the following conditions are met:  


  • None of the involved drivers is suspected of being intoxicated;   
  •  There are no injured people involved in the collision;       
  • The vehicles are not large (i.e. Transport trucks); 
  • Drivers do not have to attend together, but must ensure they have exchanged all pertinent information prior to leaving the scene;
  • Do NOT get your vehicle fixed prior to attending the CRC, as officers will need to view and photograph damage​.



The following documents can be printed, completed and brought to the CRC:


Contact Information

The Collision Reporting Centre is located at 2696 Jefferson Blvd., Windsor, Ontario.
The Collision Reporting Centre can be reached by telephone at (519) 944-6261.
Current Hours of Operation:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all statutory holidays