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Vulnerable Persons Registry


What is the Vulnerable Persons Registry?

The Vulnerable Persons Registry is a Windsor Police vulnerable1.pngService project in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Windsor-Essex County that promotes communication and gives police quick access to critical information about a  registered vulnerable person when the person wanders from their place of safety.

The Vulnerable Persons Registry can provide police with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines, favourite attractions or special needs of the wandering individual.  This information can assist officers in communicating with, attending a residence of, or dealing with an emergency involving an individual who has wandered. 

Goal of the Program:

The goal of the program is to give police quick access to critical information about a bona fide registered individual who has wandered from his/her place of safety in an emergency situation.

 Definition of a “vulnerable person”:

  • Any person with a form of dementia;
  • Any person having mental acuity deficiencies wherein the person cannot appreciate their surroundings and recognize the inherent dangers of environmental circumstances they find themselves in;
  • Any elderly person who is not medically diagnosed with a form of dementia, but by virtue of a mental infirmity causes him/her to wander and is a safety danger to themselves or others


How it Works:

At this time, the Vulnerable Person Registry is only accessible to those residents who reside within the Windsor Police policing jurisdiction (city limits) on a voluntary basis.


(1)  On-line Reporting - WPS website
  •  access the online Vulnerable Person Registry report by clicking on the logo above.
  •   it is available in the English language only at this time.
  •   complete the online registry form by  filling in a series of pre-formatted screens. filling in a series of pre- formatted screens. 
  •  Add a picture if available
  •  when complete, review and submit the report
  • once submitted, you will receive a thank you notice which confirms the registration form is being processed and provides a temporary case number.
  • a second email will provide a confirmation that the case is approved and provides a permanent case number.
  • Use the permanent case number when referring to your report in the future.  

      (2)  Telephone Reporting - Language Line:

  • an alternative to reporting on-line through our WPS website
  • this method will enable the caregiver, who may not have access to a computer or whose native language is other than English, to register a Vulnerable Person in a manner that accommodates ALL languages.
  • the caregiver wishing to register an individual by way of this method need only call 519-255-6700 Ext. #4151, 7am to 11pm, 7 days/week, and a civilian with the Windsor Police will activate the “Language Line” protocol to assist in the completion of the Vulnerable Persons Registry form.  Please note this extension does not record voice mail.  If you recieve no answer please call back. 


Once the Vulnerable Persons Registry registration process is complete and confirmed to be entered into the Windsor Police Service records, it is the responsibility of the caregiver or designate to report any future wandering activities by a vulnerable person directly, by telephone, to the Windsor Police Service for immediate, coordinated action in locating and returning the individual to his/her place of safety.

Register annually: 

Annual registration is required to keep your form active. It is the responsibility of the applicant to re-submit the form.  It is recommended that you re-submit on the registrant’s birthday to make it easier to remember.


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