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Road Watch and Traffic Complaints
Do you have information about a specific incident where you observed or encountered a dangerous or aggressive driver? Are vehicles speeding down roads in your neighbourhood or in school zones? Are they running stop signs or traffic lights?  The safety of our roadways is everyone's responsibility so we encourage anyone who identifies problematic traffic issues or behaviours to submit a report.
The ROAD WATCH Program is a City of Windsor and Town of Amherstburg community initiative that gives residents and visitors an opportunity to formally report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the police.  These behaviours include speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, disobeying/running traffic lights and stop signs or any other behaviour that makes you feel unsafe.   If you have a detailed vehicle description and a licence plate number for a specific driving incident you can call us to make a formal complaint and pursue charges.  You can also choose to complete a Road Watch report to bring the incident to the attention of the Windsor Police Service.  If you choose the option of completing a Road Watch report, a letter will be sent (if deemed appropriate) to the owner of the vehicle outlining the date, time and location of the incident.  The letter will also include important messages encouraging the owner to ensure all who drive their vehicles do so in a safe and responsible manner.  
A TRAFFIC COMPLAINT is appropriate when an ongoing reoccurring traffic issue is occurring at a  location in your neighbourhood.  A traffic complaint should outline the location within Windsor or Amherstburg, a description of the traffic issue, how often it occurrs, time of day, and any other observations.  Once a submission is received by the Windsor Police Service, the information will be reviewed by the Traffic Enforcement Unit for follow-up action.  A submission regarding a general ongoing neighbourhood traffic issue may be investigated to determine if traffic enforcement is required.   
If you see an impaired driver, street racing or other behaviour that poses an immediate risk to public safety, please call 911.
Important Points about Road Watch and Traffic Complaints:
  • If the incident resulted in a collision, please call the police at 519-258-6111.
  • The reporting system will automatically determine if you are making a Road Watch report or Traffic Complaint
  • If the identity of the driver is known to you and you wish to proceed with charges, please call the police. 
  • If the identity of the driver is known to you and you want us to speak to them and encourage them to drive in a more safe and responsible manner, complete the Road Watch report.
  •  The incident must have taken place within City of Windsor or Town of Amherstburg limits.
Thank-you in advance for taking the time to help create safer roadways within the communities of Windsor and Amherstburg.
Please Note:
  • Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.
  • You may be contacted by email or telephone if further information is required.
Please click here to file a ROAD WATCH report or a TRAFFIC COMPLAINT.

If you would prefer to fill out a document and mail it to us follow this link to print out a Road Watch Report Form.